Real-time HotelRatesAPI now also features Snapshot screen images to support data

Burlingame, CA, 9th November 2017 – Ratemetrics’ industry leading HotelRatesAPI data service, which provides real-time, on-demand rate reporting services now includes a new image snapshot feature to provide visual proof when required.

With the new Snapshot feature, users can set the system to not only collect and deliver specified room rates and information but also take a ‘picture’ of the source at time of pull to provide support and proof of the rates.

“Many of our partners’ customers were looking for some kind of visual proof of rates to support the data provided, and this Snapshot feature does exactly that”, says John Tilly, President of Aggregate Intelligence, the company behind Ratemetrics. “This new Snapshot feature can be activated on a case-by-case basis as an API input parameter, enabling our partners to consistently or randomly receive collected images of the source at time of extraction, to verify the data and assure their customers”.

The HotelRatesAPI service is currently in use by scores of software and system partners across the world and supports in excess of 250M calls per month.