Ratemetrics rolls out multiple language version capability for its market-leading shopper PRO

Burlingame, CA, 11th August 2017 – Ratemetrics’ dynamic rateshopper system, Ratemetrics PRO, provides hotels around the world with fast, easy-to-access competitive rate data and is now available in multiple languages.

Ratemetrics PRO is used daily across the world by thousands of hotels of all sizes, and is typically delivered as an integrated module in an Enterprise Partner system. Ratemetrics PRO enables hotels to monitor competitive sets for up-to-date pricing changes across multiple sources, including direct booking sites. With integrated rate forecasting, easy comparison tools and flexible views on days-out and historical changes of specific arrival dates, Ratemetrics PRO is quickly becoming a must-have tool for savvy hotel pricing managers.

“In Europe we have numerous partners delivering Ratemetrics PRO to thousands of hotels across many different countries, so it was very important that we localized the language of the interface to suit the user”, says Kris Glabinski, European Vice President of Ratemetrics.

PRO is now available in multiple European languages including Italian and Portuguese and can quickly and easily be configured for new languages.

For more information, please contact Ratemetrics at www.ratemetrics.com

About Ratemetrics

Ratemetrics is a decision intelligence solution for the hospitality industry and offers products and services to enable hotel owners, operators and investors to make better decisions around pricing, positioning, marketing, perception and investment. At the core of the Ratemetrics service is a real-time data API that aggregates, cleans and classifies public data at any scale, on-demand.

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