Ratemetrics announces new RateWatch system for dynamic tracking of competitive property rate changes

Burlingame, CA, 18th August 2017 – Ratemetrics announces the launch of a major new system feature to its market-leading Ratemetrics PRO system. The new RateWatch feature enables PRO users to set highly specific rate change conditions to watch in a given competitive set.

“Rate volatility is accelerating and our customers need a reliable way to watch competitive rate changes so they can react in a timely fashion”, states John Tilly, GM of Ratemetrics. “RateWatch is an incredibly flexible system that enables the user to be very particular about what they need to know about, when it happens.”

RateWatch presents a range of flexible rules to trigger change conditions;

  • Track changes for any property in your comp set
  • Track across multiple sources for parity changes
  • Track rate deltas between properties
  • Filter based on room type/category, meal plans, occupancy and other conditions
  • Track relative change or specific change
  • Any currency
  • Set-up schedules to check on rates
  • And more…

RateWatch puts a powerful monitoring solution in the hands of Ratemetrics’ users and is available in Ratemetrics PRO, GROUP and ENTERPRISE versions.

About Ratemetrics

Ratemetrics is a decision intelligence solution for the hospitality industry and offers products and services to enable hotel owners, operators and investors to make better decisions around pricing, positioning, marketing, perception and investment. At the core of the Ratemetrics service is a real-time data API that aggregates, cleans and classifies public data at any scale, on-demand.

About Aggregate Intelligence, Inc

Aggregate Intelligence (Ai) is a global technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and with offices across the world. Ai specializes in data intelligence – finding, extracting and delivering valuable intelligence from dynamic, raw, big data. Ai has market-leading products in travel, retail, health and marketing.

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