4-star hotel room rates rising at top destinations

September 2017: staff writer

In September 2017, average room rates at 4-star hotels in the top 100 tourist destinations were 6% higher than the same month last year.

A Ratemetrics study, detailed below, into the top 100 tourist destinations in the world, highlights some interesting trends and developments. As part of the study, Ratemetrics tracked room rates at 3- and 4-star hotels at the top 100 tourist destinations in the world, mapping the rates to established room categories in order to create appropriate base comparisons. The four categories are;

Extended Room” includes Premium, Superior, Premier, Executive, Corner, Club, Family, Guest, Loft, Business, Concierge, Diamond, Luxury, Prestige, Privilege and Swiss Advantage.
Comfort Room” which includes Studios, Apartments, Comfort, Honeymoon, Maisonette and Attic
Suite” which includes Suites and duplexes
Basic Room” which covers standard, queen, king, twin, double and so on.

Of the 100 destinations there were negative rate changes year-on-year in only around 25% of cases and the over-riding trend was towards higher rates;

Here are some highlights looking at 4-star hotels only, before we show you the full data..


India is a dynamic market undergoing a lot of change – leading the charge was Chennai, which showed an average rate increase of 95% on last September across all room types (although this was due primarily to a 350% increase in basic room rates). Agra also saw a substantial increase in basic room rates (64%) and an average increase of over 20%. Jaipur and Kolkata also showed strong increases, while more mature markets such as Mumbai and Delhi had relatively small increases.


The Chinese market is also undergoing substantial change, but – unlike India – the growth is in the more established destinations. Beijing’s rates increased an average of over 60% year-on-year (most of the growth in the luxury or ‘comfort’ room type), Shanghai’s rates increased over 13% (although this time focused mainly on basic room rate increases), Hangzhou’s rates increased almost 7% on average, Shenzen almost 8% and Nanjing over 9%, while Hong Kong showed less than 2% increase.


Apart from Florence, most other key European destinations showed an average double-digit rate increases on last year – led by Amsterdam at a 31% increase, with strong performers also included Munich, Milan, Frankfurt, Prague, Venice, Warsaw, Brussels, Madrid and Lisbon – all with average increases over 20%.

North America

Rates in key destinations in North America did not rise year-on-year in the same way as Europe or other regions. Apart from Vancouver, San Francisco and Orlando, other destinations showed very small or no rate change.

Top 100 destinations – 4-star only – year-on-year rate changes (September 2016 to September 2017)